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I love it when the snow melts and your world looks like a cow hide…

Run Lucky run…

Michael and Arianna got married in a private ceremony under a blanket of stars 

▲ Departure time 7:30 I’m rushing out the door, I’m in a good place now… I can’t find my baggage and I don’t even want it back and I don’t need to have it no more 

"hey! do you ever plan on sharing the caw files for cabos? i think an unpopulated/not built on version would be really awesome for a midnight sun challenge, plus it's a gorgeous world!" —for-teh-horde

I hadn’t planned on it but I wouldn’t be adverse to releasing a blank version for people that want to do the midnight sun challenge/castaway challenges on it. I was actually thinking of doing that myself because I was thinking of playing that challenge. 

I know you that look in your eyes is so familiar a gleam…

Pierre is the most dashing Butler of all time… watch him cart your dirty laundry away in his best clothing.