I made a sim. IDK who she is yet.

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I need to start stocking he nectary…

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Just gonna participate in this selfie Sunday real quick.

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++ more pictures of the white house ++ 

The dining room attached to the kitchen. 

The Bird room

The Atrium 

The indoor spa

I’ve been working on this monster mansion for several months now. I still have all the landscaping for the rear grounds to finish but I’ve finished the main floor of the first wing at least. 

you just posted about this and i just have to know, where is the sims 2 collection for mac? i only got it for pc from origin.

From the Mac App Store :) 

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Sims 2 UC for Mac

I know this is old news by now but OMG!! 

This is so perfect, I’m so excited. Now I just need to re-downlaod ALLLLL the CC for the sims 2 and binge play all day. 

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89 Features Missing from The Sims 4



Thank you to Bflury on TS3 Forums for organizing this list! I fixed a lot of spelling/grammar/writing issues for you guys…enjoy!

Everything below has been 100% confirmed, excluding the final category.

This is a list of features that were COMPLETELY CUT or REDUCED from…

Is anyone actually buying this I know I’m not, it gets more and more disappointing

Gahh I want to love the Sims 4. I REALLY want to be excited about it but I’m just not. I don’t think I’ll even end up buying it at all which is severely disappointing. 



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thanks for the tips!! I actually just started merging my cc and it's definitely helped, but I think I have an addiction because I can't stop downloading more haha. and I like to have my settings really high. oops. maybe I'll try partitioning!

You’re welcome ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

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do you find that sims 3 runs pretty well on windows installed to a mac? i'm considering partitioning my macbook pro, but i'm not sure if it's worth it. i have all of the expansion packs & a ton of cc, and my game lags quite a bit sometimes.

I find it runs as well if not better than on a PC. I have had no trouble with having a windows partition when it comes to the sims apart from the usual bad game build issues that every player experiences. :) what I would recommend though is merging your CC if you haven’t already, this helped me a TON!

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The district’s done for now, now off to the next one!


When people think of São Paten, they usually think of Simboco. And who blames them? Simboco is the free-thinking, hard-partying part of town, though if you scratch the surface, you will no doubt find strangely contradictory and far less savoury elements.

It is by far one of the most desirable places to live in São Paten, with its relaxed ambiance, cafés, art galleries, cinemas, clubs- and of course (who would forget), the Praia de Simboco, where you can enjoy the company of topless women, fresh ocean swells and seagulls.

The Felts are moving to this amazing world.  If you haven’t checked it out yet you need to. 

hi so in modern heights there is some kind of fencing or something you use for a trellis on top of houses, and it starts to show up in my game then replaces itself with default fencing. would you mind telling me what fencing it is? i want to use mh for my legacy but i don't want all the houses with weird default fencing.

I think I know which houses you are talking about but if you could possible show me a picture it would really help me hunt this CC down because I have 1 gazillion fences installed… my best bet is Awesims or a glass fence replacement probably from MarcusSims91…

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not to rush you or anything, but i'm curious, i just found your blog and i have to say, your worlds and lots are wonderful. but i wanted to ask, is cabos still in development?

Thank you! Sorry this took me so long to reply, as of right now I’m kind of stuck with Cabos because it was the first world I made so I was inexperienced and there are many things that I would change to the very basic structure of the world that I’m not really sure I can achieve without completely re-making it. 

I’m kind of waiting to see if I actually want to play TS4 or if I am going to stay with TS3 until the things I want are available in the new game. Once that’s released I will be able to decide if I want to invest the time in making Cabos 2.0.

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dear cas