You're so gorgeous!

Aww, thanks Nonny!image

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Bored so I took a selfie.

I don’t know why it’s so hard to get into either ts4 or ts3 right now. Every time I try and play either something just seems like it’s missing. Hopefully this will pass.

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I’m so excited my 6 plus arrived this morning 😀

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The Bella Pump - TS4 Edition

After 24 long hours I could no longer take looking at the monstrous kitten heel clog things that TS4 comes with, so I decided to break some ankles and make some decent pumps!

Named after the infamous Bella Goth; a classic, ultra high heel that comes in 6 colours (Electric blue not shown). The sole is also red because everyone want Louboutins really.

please do not clone, recolours are welcome but please make sure they require my original mesh/upload.



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Oasis Springs

(Source: ohevers)

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Random objects dissepearing TS4 

After I quit and load the game again some objects that were in my house before seemingly vanish. Has anyone else experienced this? Particularly desks and showers, and I’m unable to place them back because the game thinks they’re still occupying those squares.

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WIP - Lines In The Sand for TS4

Sims 3 version here

Still working on this but I miss this house in my game, hopefully I’ll be able to add the elements I had to leave out with future game updates/cc. 



willow creek’s night

So beautiful.

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Made Arianna and Michael in TS4 again.

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Textures on sims make them look like their faces have melted.

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Spotted this sad looking fellow on my travels around town. His old friend came to cheer him up with a spot of chess. 

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I wish you could swim in the water…

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How do you rotate an entire lot in TS4

These controls are not self explanatory. All I’ve figured out how to do is rotate the house and it ruins all the landscaping I did.

Le sigh.

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Thanks Guys!

For all the help getting sims back into cas.

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TS4 Noob Question

How do I get a sim back into CAS AND have the option to fully edit them. 

All I seem to get is the ability to change their hair make up etc. I want to be able to compeltely re-make them with all the features available in CAS and cas.fulleditmode true doesn’t seem to do anything?

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dear cas