| 1100+ Follower Gift - Modern Heights - a Roaring Heights makeover |

Mr. Harbuck one of Roaring Heights largest investors had always dreamt of a modern metropolis whilst the rest of the city wallowed in its love of the “Golden Age”. Harbuck had a vision. A vision of shining towers, the tallest the world had ever seen their tips almost grand enough to reach the clouds. Mr. Harbuck has since passed on but his legacy of towering glass remains. Now a new era of city slickers calls Modern Heights home. What will their story be?

Requirements: Two Merged CC packages included in download. All expansion packs up to and including Into The Future. Roaring Heights. 

CC: I have included all required CC in the .zip file. All additional CC used in the save game will be replaced with default objects. I would recommend downloading the Boardwalk Set if you don’t already have it. I use de-crapified store content. 

Credits: I have used the following creators lots in the save file: awesims, obeverly and nilxis. 

DOWNLOAD (mediafire) 

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